Psychology has always been a fascination of mine. Even as a small child, I wondered why some people seemed happier than others.  As I became an adult, I began to wonder why some people seem to enjoy sex more than others.  This question has spurred most of my education and career planning.

Before returning to college, I studied the the art of Tantra yoga, a Tibetan system of utilizing sexual energy for spiritual enlightenment.  My spiritual path led me to minor in human sexuality for my college career. My first passion was working with people who have alternative sexual practices, gay and lesbian clients, clients from the kink community, and clients who have survived sexual abuse and trauma. It was a stroke of luck that I landed an internship with retired transgender therapist, Reid Vanderburgh before he changed careers, which allowed me to learn more about behavioral endocrinology and the reactions to hormones on the human system.

Having achieved my Licensed Professional Counselor certification in the state of Oregon in February of 2016, I am happy to fill the gap between your needs and the mainstream services that are typically available.




Sue rotates between her office near Lloyd Center in Portland, and her office near I-5 in Vancouver.  Vancouver hours are limited, so all initial meetings are scheduled in Portland.

Sue is currently accepting new clients. Limited insurance plans accepted. See income-based sliding scale for current non-insured rates.

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