Public Speaking

I love to offer what I know to a larger audience whenever I can. When I am asked to speak at
public events, I often say yes before I know the details. Attendees report that they love my
presentations because I make a point to get people engaged in the subject and each other before
the end of my allotted time.

I have offered presentations for the Oregon Electrologists Association, Boys and Girl’s Aid
Society, Oregon Outreach, Clark College, Sex Positive Portland, Sister Spirit, Everett House,
Columbia Willamette Pagan Pride, Other Worlds of Wonder, and the Q-Center.
I offer interactive, hands-on experiences that allow the attendee to have fun while absorbing new
information. The topics I love to speak about are:

  • Serving gender non-binary clients and customers
  • Power dynamics in relationships
  • Safe sex in today’s society (for youth)
  • Meditation for beginners (for youth)
  • Spiritual approaches to sex
  • Self-esteem in today’s society
  • How to read Tarot in 3 easy lessons
  • The Qabalistic Tree of Life and the Tarot
  • Mandalas for meditation
  • Intro to Tantra and Advanced Tantra

fees are dependent on travel time, scheduled event date, and crowd size; compensation
via barter for public speaking is not ethically restricted. Contact me at

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