About me

L1000193Hi, I’m Sue Ujvary (pronounced “Yue-var-ee). I began my helping career in 1994 when I opened a small spiritual bookstore in Vancouver, Washington. I began to write self-help articles in small press under the pen-name ‘Sienna Newcastle,’ and discovered that I enjoyed helping people find resources they needed. At the request of my customers, I began teaching classes on metaphysics and self-growth, which continued even after the store closed.

This encouraged me to return to college in 2001, where I received a BS in psychology from Washington State University Vancouver, and an MS in Mental Health Counseling through Walden University. During my college career, I worked with at-risk youth in high school and foster care environments. Working with teens in puberty taught me about naturally changing chemistry in the brain.

In February of 2016, after many years of study and internship, I attained Licensed Professional Counselor status (LPC) in Oregon, which allows me to diagnose mental illnesses and bill insurers. Shortly after, I also earned a Mental Health Counseling License in the state of Washington. I am currently an active member of the Oregon Counselors Association (ORCA) Networking Committee, and an active board member in a local nonprofit group called M.A.G.I.C.

I continued to study alternative life paths as well as psychology and counseling through my college career, where I discovered a passion in behavioral neuroendocrinology; the study of how hormones affect the brain. My internship under a transgender therapist taught me even more about gender identity, sexual orientation, and individual reactions to hormone therapy.

With a background outside of the majority Christian culture, I am understanding of the role of society in the expression of the individual. This gives me an ability to connect with most people who fall outside the bell curve of “normal,” which helps people maximize their own potential in learning, in love, and in life.


Sue Ujvary, MS, LPC, LMHC is a counselor specializing in gender counseling and sexuality therapy in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.

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